The Society of International Fine Art Portrait Photographers (SIFPP) is an organization dedicated to the Fine Art Portrait Photographer.   Our organization focuses solely on the art of photographic-based portraiture whether for personal clients, commercial clients, or fine art galleries.

We are an organization dedicated to fine art portrait photographers around the world through inspiration and sharing. 
Our mission is to share the art of  visual storytelling through photographic-based portraiture. 

We encourage the continued progression of the photographic arts in portraiture through inspiration and sharing.  We wish to educate photographers and consumers about quality work from the capture to the final print.  

We want to show the world that Fine Art Photographic-based portraiture is still very much alive and 
to showcase some of the top image makers in the world.  


Fine Art Photography-based portraiture has been evolving for decades. Over the last ten years, especially, fine art portraiture has grown based on all the new technology. This technology has allowed fine at image makers an easier way to make illustrative-style portraits whether through compositing or digital painting.   

We believe that fine art portraiture encompasses "straight" photography, illustrative, as well as some digitally painted photographs as part of the fine at portraiture world.

There are so many different styles and so many color palettes with various post-processing from straight film darkroom, to straight digital to digitally enhanced through digital painting.  Depending on geography, the opinion on fine art changes.  How can anyone define it?

It is too difficult to define it based solely on the above mentioned characteristics. Looking at the image makers, there is something in common. There is a certain level of quality that is handled within the technical aspects of the image as well as an undeniable emotion that shines though.  It is the combination of technical and emotion that is critical in the identification of a potential fine art portrait. The final product also matters a great deal as there is a difference between a $10 versus a $100 bottle of wine. It is not just the packaging that makes something fine but all the ingredients and how they blend that helps to define that difference.

It is our mission to identify and bring together those portrait image makers whose combination of ingredients along with the technical "know-how" and emotion provide an exquisite fine art portrait.

In our elite membership, regardless of the type of image maker, there is a quality that shows through from both the technical and the emotional aspects. Style is a personal taste, quality of workmanship is apparent regardless of the style.