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Sunday, March 06, 2016
By SIFPP quotes Gregory Georges
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The following in an excerpt from an article we found from Gregory Georges, on the internet.  We found it interesting to share as we too believe that Art Matters.

"Our industry has a lot of  moaning and groaning about how bad business is, how many competitors there are, and how hard it is to get customers to pay enough money to compensate us for our efforts and costs.  It is a fact that most professional photographers in business today have not been trained as artists. We began to think we were artists when people started buying our work. And many of us with decades in the business have enjoyed many years of a roaring economy, with enough money in our customers’ pockets to allow us to live a reasonable life from our photography.

But increasingly we find ourselves overwhelmed by the number of competitors, new photographic technologies, and how hard it is to make a living as a photographer. In our current economy many of us struggle—big-time. We may ask ourselves: Is there that much difference between what I shoot and sell and what other professional photographers do in my area? How different is my work from that of amateurs (often our customers) with their expensive cameras and image editing tools?

As is true with most technology-based industries today’s professional photography industry is made around the lure of the new—new cameras, new lighting systems, new image editing features and plug-ins. How many companies are out hawking texture sets, edge effects, settings for image editing tools, and action effects? Do you support these businesses, thinking that you too can create better photographs and once again earn a living doing what you love to do—take pictures?

I believe that even in today’s economy there are plenty of people who will buy photographic art when it truly moves them, as true Art does. We know many photographers who are exceptional at creating portrait art and at marketing their business—and they still make a decent living today, albeit less than they did a few years back. My bet is that in the long term, the challenging economy and the difficult-to-master technologies will weed out many image makers—leaving mostly those who create and sell photographic art.


We work in an Art market. Art matters."- Gregory Georges

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