Fine Art
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Monday, February 15, 2016
By M. Bernal
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This is quite a topic. What is it? Fine Art Photography is hard to understand because it is hard to define.  It is not one style and it is not one color nor one individual product so how does one figure out what it is? Fine Art Photography is an entire package from the concept of the image to the final delivery of the image. 

Two things that I know for sure about a great fine art portrait is:
A. There is a certain undeniable quality in the composition, technical ability and the finish regardless of style.  
B. When I look at great fine art portraits, there is an emotion to them that I cannot always describe. 

Fine Art is an interesting term these days because it seems like everyone has the words fine art in their image-based businesses today. I would love for you to read the article I wrote on this topic for Professional Photographer Magazine.


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