Thursday, September 08, 2016

Copyright is such an important part of being an image maker, especially in today's world.  Images are all over the internet and are taken and used illegally all the time.  We believe firmly in copyright laws and we believe that every photography business should build in the small cost of copyrighting every session.  Dan Ferguson writes a fantastic "how to" on copyrighting your images. We encourage all photographers to read this article and we encourage all photographers to copyright their work before publishing it anywhere.  The following link will take you to his fantastic article  

New site re-design
Wednesday, September 07, 2016

We are super excited to show the new re-design of our site. Photobiz really did a great job for us. We are so thrilled with the way they brought all of our requirements together to create this modern site for us.New additions are the map and the way the latest news is pulled in (of course, we are still migrating all our articles into this site now).  We are so thriled with the results. Thanks guys, we love the new site.What do you think of the design? 

Art Matters
Sunday, March 06, 2016

The following in an excerpt from an article we found from Gregory Georges, on the internet.  We found it interesting to share as we too believe that Art Matters."Our industry has a lot of  moaning and groaning about how bad business is, how many competitors there are, and how hard it is to get customers to pay enough money to compensate us for our efforts and costs.  It is a fact that most professional photographers in business today have not been trained as artists. We began to think we were artists when people started buying our work. And many of us with decades in the business have enjoyed many years of a roaring economy, with enough money in our customers’ pockets ...

Fine Art
Monday, February 15, 2016

FINE ART. This is quite a topic. What is it? Fine Art Photography is hard to understand because it is hard to define.  It is not one style and it is not one color nor one individual product so how does one figure out what it is? Fine Art Photography is an entire package from the concept of the image to the final delivery of the image. Two things that I know for sure about a great fine art portrait is:A. There is a certain undeniable quality in the composition, technical ability and the finish regardless of style.  B. When I look at great fine art portraits, there is an emotion to them that I cannot always describe. Fine Art is an interesting term these days ...